Tips on Buying Used Tractors

A second hand farm tractor is the best solution for any growing farm wanting to spend less. Used farm machines generally are significantly cheaper than a new tractor, however, you still need to have a budget in mind and undertake thorough research. A cost-effective solution for farms on a tight budget is to buy a compact tractor, which has the ability of doing a variety of farm jobs. Compact tractors are available in a number of different engine sizes, so the correct one can be chosen for the jobs at hand.

If you are worried about purchasing a lemon tractor, then you should obtain certified used tractors from trustworthy farm equipment companies such as John Deere,  Caterpillar, Farmall, Case and Kubota.

If the amount of farm work is much lighter, then buying a compact tractor might be the best option. Compact tractors come with many parts that let you do a range of light farm work.

Where To Go to Buy Used Tractors

An experienced farmer will tell you that there is no appreciable benefit of buying a new tractor relative to a second hand one.  Both can get a good amount of work done.

Obvious places to go for second hand tractors would be local auctions and distributors of agricultural products and Sears.  Also, many local farms might be selling their used equipment to upgrade to a more heavy duty and technologically advanced tractor.  Another less obvious but increasingly popular route is online via sites like eBay.  EBay reaches a much wider audience and hence provides buyers with a greater choice than might be found locally.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Used Farm Tractor

Age – Like cars, the age can help estimate what the price level would be on the tractor.  This enables you to determine whether the used tractor you are considering is a good purchase.

Engine Hours – Again like cars, this is like the mileage and gives an indication of how much life the tractor has left.  You do not want to buy a tractor that works for a few months and then die.  It is important to look at its working hours.

Spare Parts - You need to be sure to know about replacement parts that need to be purchased.  This allows you to establish your potential yearly investment in the used tractor.

History – To avoid lemon used tractors, find out what jobs the tractor was used for , get the repair history as well as any major damages done to the used tractor.

4WD vs. 2WD – How much power is needed?  Will the tractor be used for light or heavy work? The price difference between these can be significant.

Cabin Comfort–This could be an important factor if many hours are to be spent  on the tractor.

Purchasing a tractor can be a big investment for many. Acquiring a brand new tractor can mean spending more than desired.  It is important to realize that buying a second hand tractor can be just as good as buying from brand new, if careful steps are taken to ensure a good buy.