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      1. 18禁高潮出水呻吟娇喘


        地   址:扬中市新坝镇联合全红河路
        电   话:0511-80791859
        传   真:0511-80791553 
        邮   件:1071687678@qq.com/info@bdl-energy.com 


        我公司按照各大设计院的标准及选型手册生产国标支吊架,在核电一些项目,如:防城港核电、阳江核电均采用国标支吊架。倍德力能源装备(江苏)有限公司在结构设计,设计数据计算,材料的特性值及生产制造中严格遵循德国、国内和国际的相关标准,符合及满足GB17116VGB标准支吊架(德国)、KTA3205.1/2/3 核电厂规范(德国)、MSSSP58管道支吊架-材料和设计(美国)、MSSSP69管道支吊架-应用(美国)、ANSIASME B31.1管道系统压力(美国)、ASMEIIIDiv.1-NF核电厂支吊架部件 (美国)、JEAG4601核电厂设计规范(日本)、GB/T17116-1997管道支吊架(中国)、JB/T8130.2-1999管道支吊架(中国)等相关支吊架的要求。
        系列化的产品与国内同行相比具备批量化生产的优势;且具备重量轻, 防腐性能优异,使用寿命长等特点。同时,产品的??榛峁鼓芪没Ы谠即罅可杓?、安装及维护时间,为用户减少可观的物流及管理成本。我公司提供的高品质的支吊架产品性价比高,为用户创造最大的经济效益,为管道系统及设备的安全运行保驾护航。

        SYNPOWER ENERGY EQUIPMENT(JIANGSU)CO.,LTD.. (the former Synpower Energy Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.) is a subsidiary company specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of of pipe supporters and hangers under HUAQIANG Group, and in accordance with the principles of ‘professional production, standardize management, complementary advantages, and resource sharing’, it is a modern enterprise built by following the modern enterprise system.
        SYNPOWER ENERGY EQUIPMENT(JIANGSU)CO.,LTD.. was established in the national development zone -- Zhenjiang New Area of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu in 2009. Since its establishment, the company, upholding the German excellent technology and pragmatic spirit and adhering to speciality, efficient principle and perfect service, provides technologically advanced German-standard pipe supports and hangers for domestic and foreign power, steel, petrochemical, paper, pharmaceutical and coal gasification projects.
        The German-standard pipe supporters and hangers are based on advanced design concepts, and the Synpower company strictly follows German, Chinese and international standards in the structural design, design data computation, material characteristic values, production and manufacturing, and comforms to and meets VGB-R 501L Standard Supporter and Hanger (Germany), KTA 3205.1/2/3 Nuclear Power Plant Specification (Germany), MSS SP 58 Pipe Supporter and Hanger - Materials and Design (United States), MSS SP 69 Pipe Supporter and Hanger - Application (USA), ANSI ASME B31.1 Piping System Pressure (USA), ASME III Div.1-NF Supporter and Hanger Components for Nuclear Power Plants (USA), JEAG 4601 Design Specifications for Nuclear Power Plants (Japan), GB / T 17116-1997 Pipe Supporter and Hanger (China), JB/T8130.2-1999 Pipe Supporter and Hanger (China) and other requirements related to supporter and hanger.
        With a series of products, the company has the advantage of mass production compared with that of the domestic counterparts, and its products are characterized by light weight, excellent corrosion resistance, long service life, etc. Meanwhile, thanks to the modular structures of products, a lot of time for design, installation and maintenance by users can be saved, and considerable logistics and management costs of users can be reduced. German-standard supporter and hanger products have been widely recognized by the major domestic electric power and chemical design institutes. The high-quality supporter and hanger products provided by our company have high cost performance, thereby creating the greatest economic benefits for users and escorting for the safe operation of pipeline system and equipment.
        The company covers an area of 30,000 square meters, wherein the construction area is 10,000 square meters, it has 160 existing staff, including 40 professional and technical personnels, and has an annual production capacity of 300 million yuan. With experienced professional engineering and product design personnels, perfect quality management system and sophisticated manufacturing and testing equipment, the company can offer customers the one-stop service from engineering to product installation and commissioning, truly realizing the service-oriented philosophy for company development.
        By advocating the tenets of ‘sound morality, quality first and customer first’, our company will constantly reform, innovate and move forward.