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      1. 18禁高潮出水呻吟娇喘


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        Thermal insulation pipe

        The rise of the solar thermal power industry is high for the insulation requirements and BDL heat pipe has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong structure.
        The basic structure is divided into two types: no heating cable and a heating cable type, two types of pipeline and fitting out a layer of ceramic fiber paper, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation block insulation tube and traditional split iron matrix is separated from the bearing block, insulation outer diameter and inner diameter of the pipe clamp can not be completely fit so, in the practical work are prone to cracking and crushing. BDL insulation socket using integral casting, heat insulation materials and iron matrix tightly, work in the pipeline load distribution is uniform, no cracking crushing. Inside the insulation block, the block can be set according to the size of the axial load. It is convenient to process, short cycle and strong structure, and can bear huge axial thrust. The iron substrate by hot galvanizing or cold zinc spraying treatment, good corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, service life of up to 30 years.

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